Endpaper Challenge #2

Arthur Johnson describes method 2 as "not elegant but it is reasonably strong as it is sewn in with the section and reinforced with mull.” This second method is a single signature textblock with the endpaper and cloth reinforcement sewn on. It's a quick and simple way to make a small thin book.
I did the half binding with book cloth and paste paper (which I made) in green to match the Japanese printed endpapers that I chose. I used the pamphlet stitch to bind the book. I made 5 holes, but did two separate 3 hole pamphlet stitches going through the middle hole with both sewings. This is a stronger binding that if you do a single 5 hole pamphlet stitch, you can ensure that the sewing is taut and if the thread is weak at one spot there's still another sewing that is keeping everything together.
I like this endpaper method for small books. I think this is an easy book to teach students and it's quite rewarding to be able to make such a lovely book in a short amount of time. I don't have an issue with elegance as Arthur mentioned in his comment for this method. I think depending on the materials that you choose it is an elegant solution for small books.