Commission Services

Percy provides commission services for the following:

Design bindings

Commissioned design bindings are made for individuals who want a unique binding of their selected text. A commissioned binding is personalised such that it can reflect the individual who commissions the binding. Commissioned bindings make perfect personalised gifts as the finished pieces are such joy to handle. When you own a design binding, you will have a book that has been painstakingly executed by a highly skilled bookbinder and is a pleasure to look at, handle and read.

Book restoration and repair

Old books can take on a new life under careful restoration and repair. We can rebind and repair your old books and create enclosures to keep the books in a controlled environment to minimise further deterioration.

Customised boxes

Customised boxes can be made for a variety of items, including but not limited to books, jewellery, photographs, memorabilia, and prints.

Customised papercuttings

Papercuttings can be commissioned for special occasions. Percy will work with you to understand what elements you want to include in the designs. Papercuttings can be commissioned as a one off piece or as an edition.
Please allow at least a month to commission a piece of work.

Additionally, Percy provides papercutting and bookbinding services for corporate events. Please contact me for further information.