Collaborative Book Arts Project

Sojourn with Stranger
I've always liked the idea of collaborating with other artists on a project. My ideal project would be to get different artists to contribute to a book much like the Winter Book. This year I got a chance to collaborate with a few Hong Kong artist on a book arts project. This project won the second edition of Open Call for Young Curators organised by Gallery Mur Nomade.

Sojourn with Stranger is a limited edition artists' book curated by Hilda Chan. The project is inspired by Nagasaki (2010), a novel by French writer Eric Faye. Nagasaki is based on a real story about a Japanese man living alone and discovering only after nearly a year that there has been an intruder living in his house. This story addresses the issues of space, ownership, isolation and lack of privacy in modern societies.

I worked alongside Wai Lau (photographer), Beatrix Pang (book designer) and Wawa (poet) to create an edition of 10 books. We printed Lau's photograph on tyvek, cut, scored and folded it into an accordion book. An excerpt of “Anna and Anna”, Wawa's poem, was letterpress printed (in her own hand-writing) onto a cardstock. I then created an origami enclosure to house the different elements. The idea behind the enclosure is that it should be unsuspecting when closed, by opening the enclosure, one reveals the story.

Our project was exhibited at Gallery Mur Nomade from 3rd to 24th of December 2016. In 2017, Tai Kwun collected a copy and exhibited our project at Art Basel, Hong Kong 2017.