Customised Paper Cutting for Events

Prior to the pandemic, companies would hold VIP events. The pandemic has caused a lot of these events to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Companies would contact me about doing paper cutting events, normally they request silhouettes of the customers, but then I suggest a paper cutting that is more suitable to promoting their brand. Like the paper cutting above which I designed and cut for a Cle de Peau VIP event, I would discuss with the company to understand their brand and what they value and design a paper cutting that suits their brand identity. I pre-cut most of the design ahead of time so that I have enough time during the event to customise each paper cutting for the VIP customers. Most people don’t know that it takes a few minutes to just cut out the name. I have around 5 minutes per cutting with a bit of time in between each cutting for a buffer, and for a full day event I aim to do around 80 cuttings.
As for wedding paper cuttings, like the one above, I work with the couple for the design of the cutting. I normally ask the couple to give me a list of items that they want to include into the paper cutting and then work on the design from the list. This cutting was used as the gift for guests, it was designed and then laser cut. In order to get designs laser cut there has to be enough lead time, normally around 2 months, the benefits of laser cutting is that it lowers the cost of the cuttings significantly. There are other applications for paper cuttings in events that can be explored, I’d be interested to do more decorative elements for events using paper cuttings.