Conversation with a Stone

Collaborative installation with Hilda Chan
Book arts installation for exhibition Shek O Sublime shown at Gallery Exit
In collaboration with Hilda Chan

Books made with newspaper & magazine,
cardboard box covered partially with newspaper
& rocks from Shek O covered partially with newspaper

Poem written by Percy So:

Conversation with a Stone
I have so many things I want to tell you
I have so many thoughts to share
I wait for you to listen to me
I wait you to give me some of your precious time
So many times I wait for the right moment to talk to you
I ask that you respond to my concerns
I start off soft, trying to get a peep out of you
I wait for you to say something
I stare at you to see how you are feeling
I wait for you to react
I get anxious as I can not tell what you are thinking
I speak louder in frustration
I yell and you just ignore me
I yell until I lose my voice, until I lose my mind
You stare back at me
And that's when I realise I have been having a conversation with a stone

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