Bible Repair 1885

Repair of Swedish family bible published in 1885
My client came to me with a Swedish family bible from 1885. This is the largest bible that I have repaired to date! My friend Jonathan did a video walk through of the bible for his bible study group.
His video walk through inspired me to document the process of repair with video. When I was working at HKUL, for repair work from the special collections, we would do documentation through written reports. I enjoyed that process but then found that there's a lot that gets left out because of the intricacy of repair work. For this project as I was able to decide how to document I made detailed videos on each process. I posted them on Instagram as IG stories so that the client and others can watch the process of this repair.
A large part of documentation using video is to educate people about how much time and skills are required to repair a book. The videos are split up into two different highlights as it ended up being around 160 short clips, you can watch part 1 and part 2 of the videos respectively.
I didn't document the paper repair as it is a time consuming process and also it's hard to document due to the time is required to repair paper. All of what I do is "tedious" which I like to see as meticulous. Please see below for the bible after many hours of repair.
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