Open•Set Competition 2020 by American Academy of Bookbinding

I'm happy to announce that my set book for the Open•Set Competition 2020 has been chosen among 100 other bindings to travel in the US next year. Happy Abstract- A Letter by William Blake is the set textblock for this competition. The book was quite difficult to work on due to the nature of the text. The letter is a poem that William Blake wrote to his client Thomas Butts about how he is unable to finish the work in time.
I have only on a few occasions not been able to meet deadlines for the work of my clients. This text really speaks about William Blake's depression and it also brought me to a frame of mind that makes me feel debilitated. I always think that work that provokes a strong feeling is really successful as that's what the creative and artistic pursuit is about. The text is spread out in the textblock with one line on each page, which gives the bookbinder the liberty to work on the individual pages. I was able to cut a few cuttings for the pages but going with the text of the book I decided to have more in the front of the book and taper them out to reflect the text.
I tried a new material, wood veneer, for the flyleaves. The wood veneer reacts adversely to moisture and was quite difficult to work with. I really like the grain and the colour of the wood veneer. For the edge decoration of the book I masked off parts and sprinkled acrylic on it. The design on the covers are incisions and onlays of different materials.
My binding will be travelling around starting in February. The information for the travelling exhibition is as follows:
NEW YORK CITY - The Grolier Club
February 19 - April 25

SAN FRANCISCO - The American Bookbinders Museum
May 15 - July 10

SALT LAKE CITY - Marriot Library, University of Utah
July 31 - October 2

AUSTIN - Austin Public Library
October 13 - December 2

Please send me photos if you get a chance to visit!