Béatrice Coron

This week I'm back at CIS, my alma mater, shadowing/hanging out with Béatrice Coron . Béatrice is a French paper cutter based in New York, she has previously lived in Egypt, Mexico and China. I first came to know her work from a TED talk that she did in 2011, where she walked onto the stage in a paper cutting dress/cape. She has experimented with translating paper cuttings into illustration, book art, wearables and public art.
The paper cutting above is my paper cutting of Béatrice working on her paper cutting. I feel really blessed to be able to have this opportunity to watch and talk to her about her work. As a self trained paper cutting artist, I've been figuring this out all along by myself. From the past few days with her, I've already gained a lot of insight about how paper cutting designs can translate into other objects.
The cutting above is Béatrice's tyvek cutting commissioned by the school. Her cutting is mainly silhouette which tell stories, this particular one tells stories about all the things that are going on at the school and also a little about Hong Kong as a city.
Béatrice cuts in an edition of 4, she cuts from the back side of the tyvek where she has drawn out the design. The photo above shows her working on cleaning up one of the cuttings. Even as an edition of 4, each cutting has slight variation, when she goes back into each cutting to clean she might add elements to it as she cuts.
Other than the commissioned work, she has been teaching students about the art of paper cutting and teaching students how to make their own cuttings. I've been able to learn from her about how to teach students how to think about design and how to cut.
Due to the durability and flexibility of tyvek, Béatrice has managed to translate cuttings into wearables. This jacket above is a book jacket jacket, where she has cut into the tyvek with a narrative about fashion.
The accordion book incorporates moving parts with gears and also pop up elements. The book on the bottom is a garter belt book that opens up to be a wearable mask, the poem in the book is about eyes.
These few days have inspired me to think more about how I can incorporate paper cutting into my books and how to take my work to a different and possibly a more interesting place.