Lecture and Springback Demonstration

In October, my mentor Monique Lallier and her husband Don Etherington will be in Hong Kong to conduct lectures and a demonstration. Their lecture will be on the 11th October, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, at the main library of the University of Hong Kong. Monique will be talking about how she got into design binding, the progression of her career and she will show photos of her works. Don will be talking about his time in Florence as a conservator after the Florence flood and how that experience has influenced the current conservation practices. Please click here to register.
Don will be conducting a two day demonstration on the springback binding. The springback binding is a traditional binding used for ledgers and accounting books. The solid spine and levers along the hinges causes the book to spring open and the pages to open flat, allowing one to write comfortably in the book without undue stress on the spine. In the two day demonstration, Don will show us how to make a springback from start to finish. The demonstration will be conducted on 12th and 13th October at the main library of the University of Hong Kong, please click here for more information and registration.